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by Wheatley Matthews

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First album by Wheatley from the Midwest.


released September 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Wheatley Matthews Ohio

Artist from the Midwest.

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Track Name: Fate of a Runaway
I'll stay far away from your pain
I'm heading back home to my grave
You put me down on your own
Been rambling too long down this highway road

I said Hey, hey , hey, hey don't wait
The world's still turning it's too late

I left out you're window under you're gate
I'm running so hard I cannot wait
I walked for days with no shoes
Just ridding myself of these highway blues

It poured on me for eight days straight
When it ended I knew I wouldn't be the same
The sun became my closest friend
Shining her rays down on my hand

Them nights been dark I pushed on
Them towns they been rough you know I couldn't go wrong
I slept by you're tracks under you're bridge
When them trains came roaring you know I done my best to stay hid

I pushed my luck and my fate
Knowing it'll all end on me one day
I gambled when I knew my life was stake
When you caught up you done stood over my grave
Track Name: Smile at What You'll Say
Release me from your strangle
Cut your ties from me
Wash your wicked stains from my
Eyes so I can finally see

Watch my eyes so you can see me dying
Turn your head back the other way
Kick me back so I can see you lying
Tear me down and smile at what they'll say

The failing sounds of laughter
Charge me like a bull
The steering thoughts that take you're brain
Leaves you when you lose control

Watch my eyes so I can see you crying
Turn your cheek as you begin to pray
Walk on back so I can see you lying
Tear me down and smile at what they'll say

Tired & forsaken
Shadowed by your past
Hanging by your final words
Knowing that they'll be your last

Grab my hands so I can feel you trying
Turn me in as you dig my grave
Shut my eyes so I can see you laughing
Drift on through and smile at what they'll say
Track Name: My Final Day
Sulked in the shadows on the cries of my past
Time is getting older & my heart is slowing fast

Staring down the barrel of life's loaded gun
There ain't no feeling safe until my time is done

Laying in the dirt while you staring down on me
The road that I face is a road I can't see

The hole that I dig is the grave from my dreams
They're burning me alive, I'm soaked in gasoline

Lower me down from the conscious of my mind
As my breathe slips away my brain does unwind

A hard stinging pain as my vision starts to fade
Shutting down my thoughts on this my final day
Track Name: I Think I'm Ready for You
You're profit's collect
You're name's rejected of you
You're wheeling and dealing
Will no longer make you anew

You're loneliness is making me blue
I think I'm ready for you

You're painting is cracking
You're image is no longer fine
This bitter sweet feeling
Will stay in the back of your mind

You're carelessness it seems so kind
I think I'm ready for you

You're leaves they are turning
You're colors are making they're change
You're branches are breaking
You're face is shedding the pain

You're helplessness it can't be explained
I think I'm ready for you

You're chapters are passing
You're pages are crumbling fast
You're widening eyes
Just wonder how long this will last

You're happiness has got me thinking about the past
I think I'm ready for you
Track Name: You'll Know When the Sky Turns Grey
Thunder clouds roll, you know our lives are at stake
Grab all your goods and food you know you can take
The weather is mean you know she's out for our lives
No use in trying this town no one survives

The end is heading our way
You'll know when the sky turns grey

The outlaws, the sheriffs, husbands, wives and their kids
Everyone's looking for somewhere safe to be hid
The weather is fierce, the winds are making a howl
Everyone knows there's no escaping this town

The lightning it flashes, the fear on our faces gives way
The thunder it crashes, the windows are starting to break
The weather is flooding, cold rain is starting to burn
Where can you go when you've got nowhere else you can turn

The powers been cut, the darkness covers our eyes
The whistling & screaming is painting the image outside
The weather is swirling, the rain is turning to hail
An innocent town been forced to an innocent jail

No one is spared, the town's been turned into rubble
No one will suffer this storm's removed all their troubles
This quaint little town has been wiped off the map with a nod
A moment of silence for those deceived by their god
Track Name: I Ain't the One
I ain't the one who raised a big fuss
Got your ass fired then kicked you to the dust
I ain't the one who's been taking all your cash
Working you for nothing but some food and some gas

I ain't the one who sneezed in your face
Kissed you on the cheek then crashed at your place
I ain't the one who kept you up all night
Calling on your phone & staying in your sight

Got this feeling when you're cross
Full of blame for your loss
Cope with anger anyway you please
But remember just don't take it out on me

I ain't the one who took you out to Grills
Had 10 shots of Jack and stuck you with the bill
I ain't the one who cut you in your lane
Gave you a little wave while I'm riding on the brake

I ain't the one who tripped you with a wire
Push you in the stove & caught that hair on fire
I ain't the one who's been chopping all your tree's
Breathing all your air & flooding all your sea's

I ain't the one who's been wasting all your time
Buying up the store while I'm counting out my dimes
I ain't the one who's been greasing up your wheel
Jacking up the price while I'm telling you it's a deal

I ain't the one who's been pounding on your door
Giving you a speech while I'm talking about the lord
I ain't the one who snuck into your house
Took all your things as quiet as a mouse
Track Name: Jump for Me (Because You'll Know I'll jump Over You)
You're boots walk the ground where my feet cannot stand
Misplaced shadows that follow your command
Jumping from the roofs to fall down on your bed
I'll die for you if you promise to raise the dead

Turning to me face I'm out the door
Waking up with no one to ignore
Jump the highest bridge to escape from you
I've had it up to here now I'm starting new

Jump for me because you'll know I'll jump over you

Singled out for reasons of my own
A constant screaming reminder that you moan
Jump back on the saddle I'm heading west
Leaving things you remembered of the past

Poisoned by my acts I'm running free
Blackened by my thoughts of my own greed
Jumping on the ship I'm setting sail
The thought of us puts me right back on a trail

Jump for me because you know that I might fail

Trimming off my edges I'm coming clean
Laughing while you're acting on your scene
Jumping on the rails I start to burn
See the smile on you're face as it starts to turn

Blowing out my last breathe of sudden grief
Like the empty pockets of a thief
Jump the nearest train as you pass
Seeing through you're eyes of your mask

Jump for me because you know that I won't last
Track Name: Black is the Road
From one man's loss we'll all get tossed to the side
We'll learn from failure from each other we'll hide
Successive thoughts of truth changing the tide

Duck from the winds pretending to pin back our ears
Speaking in riffs & asking them if they can fear
They'll bully our brain keeping our thoughts unclear

Swelling from hatred speaking in sacred tongues
Wishes are sold keeping the old feeling young
Selfishly unwinding our minds until they're undone

Freezing a smile, walking for miles in peace
Holding it in while keeping a grin on your face
Following in line your sheep take their place

Rot through your will no reason to kill off your sons
Pledging the right to stand up and fight off your guns
Kneeling in front of a man whose worshiped and spun

Holding a flag that's labeled a tag on your soul
Pricing the truth life ice on your tooth is cold
Both side of the past are not so easily told

Avoid all the cracks directing you back to your home
Falling like rain with nothing to gain or atone
Severing ties to the ones who left you alone

Spitting a portrait it's likely you'll know it in time
Ceasing your ears to hold back the tears from your eyes
The strings that ties up your tongue start to unwind

Racing through thoughts my time has been bought and burned
Rigid in sin this deal is the end of our turn
Black is the road my eye sits on the stern
Track Name: The Wincing of Your Eyes (Left Me Staggering)
We'll stray from the darkness & point our eyes towards the light
Homesick as the sun sinks into the mountain
Thruway to the coming as you're poker face stares
Confessions of our secrets kept us moving

Follow like a bullet with intention to dismiss
Recalling all the derision's that made you stumble
Conscious of suspicion that surround your batting eyes
Take my grasp as we drift into the thunder

And I'm going back to my lonesome stay

Sludging through the trail as you lean on the past
Shallow with your nose pointed upward
Extending through the night with the clouds rolling fast
Lost in you're mind pointing skyward

Drowning into the dawn as the sun wakes into the night
Slowly reached for the golden lid of the morning
As the fields soak the suede & the chills ran down our spine
Growling of the gales came without warning

In a rusted creaking shed, kept us sheltered from the rain
Echoes of the tapping filled the silence
With the fleeting of the hours & your voice which stole the time
You called out from the hills for your innocence

Through the winters of our times your words were cold as frost
You're breathe was seen as you left me wondering
Though our crossing was foreseen, still left me crooked and lost
The wincing of your eyes left me staggering

Like a novel that's been written our read will come to an end
Counting the times you've made me useless
Like a stranger in the alley our borrowed time is gone
The steering of the fated keeps me restless
Track Name: A Life Worth Livin'
I'm lost in a world that's not of my own
Eyes are a watering lips dry as a bone
Got a dozen lead bellies that'll sink in my throat
And a sweet little thing that's bound to leave me alone

Got a dark rain cloud that floats over my head
And a mountain of problems that'll bury me dead
I'm digging and clawing right out of this hole
My knuckles are blazing while my heart stays cold

Got a group of old friends that'll stick by my side
With stories and tales both far fetched and wide
The youth of our days are long in the past
Now battered and ageing we're making it last

I struggle to ride down this long lonesome road
Confused by the turning I'm feeling so bold
I'm looking so tired I'm feeling so ill
Been tumbling on down this steep rocky hill

Got a country that's breaking in a world on it's toes
Feel another war coming when nobody knows
We're fighting & stealing & lying in vain
Please let me be wrong or at least be insane

Got a family that's trying and growing everyday
With fighting and cursing feel like walking away
A big brother & sister, a ma and a dad
Without these four I wouldn't have what i have

Got a life worth living and I ain't giving in
I'm loving & laughing & soaking in sin
Got a million bad things that could easily go wrong
But it ain't gonna stop me from singing my songs